iOS Dev day

I have been a graphics and design guy since the late 90’s. It’s always been more of a hobby than work. My first business was called Critical Mass Graphics, I did websites and graphic design. It was more of a nights and weekends kind of thing but it did pay for a few new computers. When I was hired at a large plastics tooling company I started working with 3D modeling and design. Funny thing about that job, even though I have no design degree (or degree at all for that matter) I designed their new logo. That was 2002 and it’s still used today. While I was working there I taught myself 3D studio max and began rendering their tooling for artwork. It actually landed me a few gigs doing bottle design for the Waldorf Hotel in New York, Bath and Body Works and a line of kids plates for Berry Plastics. After that I moved to another company as the VP of operations while also working on all their marketing materials and catalogs. Somehow the design side had managed to creep into my life again.

When I moved on from that role to start my own business (now my third), the first thing I did was craft a logo and a website. In the world of manufacturing and engineering aesthetics is not really that important, at least not to the customers I serve. Other than that there was no design or creative work to be done and I kind of dropped out of that mind set for a few years.

When I joined the Sunrise Rotary club in 2008 I saw an immediate opportunity to dive back into websites, social media and design in general. To be honest, the club has no idea how to use any of it to their advantage. No fault of theirs, just the way it was. With a new routine of working from home for my day job, I have gotten into the (bad) habit of working on stuff for the club during the day. Everything from designing the fly the flag flyers and mailers to the clubs main website, districts Facebook page, clubs Facebook page and on and on it goes. I even delved into podcasting for a full year with 42 episodes of It’s Rotary. In all a lot of fun honing my skills again. For no pay of course.

So with all that, I want to turn my side line obsession into some actual cash. I’m not out to make millions on it, although that would be nice. But I would like to be able to point to something and say, ” I created that!” With my business I create profit and market share but nothing tangible (my day job). So it would be nice to actually create something.

I can hear my wife asking me, what’s your point honey. I am going to start small, continue to give away services to the charities I like, and build up my portfolio.

DCE main UI screen shot one.
DCE main UI screen shot one.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t immediately contradict myself with a rather lofty goal. This time around it won’t be Critical Mass Graphics, doing graphics and web design. Instead it will be doing all kinds of creative work. I mean that’s what I am if nothing else, creative. My first project will be to launch an app that will show some of my skills. An iOS app called DCE (dice).

DCE is in development now and should only take a few weeks to complete. I have a few screen shots from the story board posted here as well. Once launched, I’ll be happy to take suggestions on how to improve it.


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