Affordable Care Act

Had a great meeting at my club this morning. We had two health care attorneys in from Spencer Fane to talk to us about ObamaCare. It was perfect timing for the topic as I just bought an audio book on the subject this week, ahead of my trip to DC. I have thought long and hard about politics at several times in the past decade. I have always followed the debates on health care as well.
In my junior year of high school I joined the debate club. The topic of argument for the year was HMO’s and PPO’s. for the whole summer before and the rest of that school year I studied up on the difference between the two. I was to come up with my own plan that would be a national plan based off which ever system I preferred. I choose HMO’s for some reason, really I can not remember why. The only thing I do remember with clarity that year is that I never came in first, nor did I ever do worse than 3rd. I went to at least a dozen debates. Even one at Rockhurst, the college not the HS. It was a fun year and I caught the bug for politics pretty hard.
I floundered in my senior year of debate, even thou I attended a debate camp over the summer. I didn’t study much and can not remember the topic of that years debates either. I was more interested in girls at this point. But the bug never left me. From watching the fledgling CNN network, to reading the AOL news page and listening to Rush Limbaugh. I was a political dork even if I tried not to show it. I would doubt if my closer friends even knew how much news I would read.
In college I declared my major as political science and in my first semester I took a course on the political relationship of North Korea and the US, from 1945 to 1980. I told you I was dork for this stuff. Life had other plans for me however and I came back to town without a degree and went into manufacturing.
To be fair manufacturing is in my family’s blood. My father and grandfather were both machinists before the family business was started. Somewhere in the background of all that I still managed to be keep up with the whole Clinton, Monica thing. I would have lunch with my dad at this little dive off Blue Ridge called Paul’s. We would have a tenderloin sandwich with onion rings and butterscotch shake, while listening to Rush Limbaugh. Not everyday, just every other day.
Even after I moved on from the family business I would listen to NPR pretty much all day long at work. My favorite is still SciFri with Ira. I have always hated Fresh Air however. I would listen just to see what crap would come out of her mouth next. I would still enjoy most NPR’s programming thou. Still do actually.
I am pretty conservative now, can’t help it. My grandfather always told me if your young and a republican, your stupid. If your old and a democrat your stupid. I think once you have kids you naturally get more conservative, at least on some issues.
With all this time spent following politics and news in general I suppose it’s time to start putting these opinions I have to work. What better way to start then to head to DC? I am taking my first trip with the ASAE this week to, yes, lobby some senators and congressmen. The ASAE stands for the American Society of Association Executives. One of the topics I’ll be discussing with Roy Blunt is the Affordable Health Care Act and it’s impact on small business. I can feel the politics bug gnawing at the edges of my mind again. I am not sure what it means and where it will take me, but I know I am going to enjoy it!


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