Why the Wii U is an epic fail, how Apple TV wins

So the Wii U is out and on the shelves ahead of the Christmas rush and out way ahead of the next Playstation and XBox. While the quick jump and arguably gimmicky setup for the Wii will help Nintendo with a quick sales boost, it will not last. In fact when Sony and Microsoft finally roll out there updates next year we will quickly see that the console wars are over, dead in fact. The surprising thing is that all three were actually beat a long time ago.

Apple has this little toy project they call AppleTV. It’s a small set top box that basically ports your iTunes library to your TV. Nothing real special about it. In fact it just recently was updated to include things like Netflix, Hulu and your photostream. So what makes it a console killer? Of all things, your phone is what makes it the little monster in the room. Let me explain in detail.

With the massive number of iOS devices in people’s hands now, thats iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and the nearer iPad mini. More people have access to games, even free games, movies, TV shows and You Tube at there finger tips than any other device combined. Yes, more than Android! In the Steve Jobs autobiography a quote from Steve himself said he had unlocked the secret to the TV market. Now Steve is a smart guy, and Apple is a very thoughtful company. Common sense tells you they are not going to make TV’s, the margins just don’t work for what Apple expects. They also can not and will not get the kind of deals they won’t from studios to turn each one into a separate app purchase, with Apple taking 30% of each app sold. So what can they do? As we have seen there stock price has stalled, investors seem to think Apple can not get any bigger. Here is where the little monster enters.

Apple will not release a TV next year, what they will release will be an iOS update to 7. It won’t be anything as sexy as the iPhone 5, in fact there may only be slight spec bumps for the iPhone and iPad next year. The big kicker will be the AppleTV update, with a new version that looks more like a Mac mini, what’s a Mac Mini you ask? It’s another little brick that Apple sells, although its as strong as a desktop and almost fits in your hand. It doesn’t even come with a monitor. Pair it with a TV, and iOS, controlled by your iPhone, iPad, iPod or iPad mini and now you have something. Take every app in the App Store, sling it to the TV and use your device as the remote. Who needs a console? I believe this will be the next big push for Apple, once the have it finished, the Studios will be lining up to ask for deals for there content. They will come to Apple and they will be happy to do it.




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