Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook released a new free app in Apples App store today. Facebook Pages Manager tries to bring admin functions to the mobile arena. While I do admin 5 pages currently i never really found the Facebook app itself to be a problem. About the only thing you don’t have access to is the insights info. While this is useful, it’s always a day or two behind today! That’s make it useless in the mobile arena. So why couldn’t they do this inside the app to start with? I think I know the answer. Facebook itself needs a massive coding overhaul in order to serve up data quickly on the mobile platforms. Let’s face it, the Facebook app itself is clunky, slow and unreliable. Guess what? So is the new pages app. After my first 5 minutes with it I doubt I’ll use it again. It dropped three posts, having to re type them each time. Which is already slow, double entry kills you. I do like one thing about it, it allows you to see new likes in real time, easily. Again though, this should all be in the main app. Along with there messenger app, but that’s another post.



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