iOS needs help

So I am watching my little 4 year old play some games on my iPad 2. While I do have some restrictions enabled, like no ability to delete, I don’t have any way to keep her from launching certain apps. Yes, I know there is a way to hide them when restrictions are on, but have you ever really used that? It sucks to say the least. Apple needs to invest about 10,000 of there 100 billion dollars in cash in improving iOS parental controls. Everything needs a major update here. Think about how many adults are buying iPads and iPhones. Now think about how many kids will inherent last years model! Of the 3 million new iPads sold in the last 4 days, how many of those people have kids and already had an iPad 2? If we assume that half already had an iPad (low number probably), and that half of those people did not sell there iPad 2 to fund the purchase, that’s 750,000 people. If we say that 10 percent of those folks have kids, that’s 75,000 kids who now have an iPad 2 as a toy. That’s just the last 4 days people. Now
thank about what they do with it. Can they get online, open your email, delete photos from photo stream. Or add ones like this.



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